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Prof. Dr. Marc Forster, University of St. Gallen (Law School), Legal Advisor at the Swiss Federal Supreme Court:

Swiss born.
1992: Promoted  Doctor of Law/PhD
(University of St. Gallen/HSG).
1995: Keynote Reporter to the Congress
of the  Swiss Lawyers' Association (Schaffhausen).
1996: Appointed  Private Senior Lecturer
(venia legendi,
University of St. Gallen,
Law School
2002-2019: Professor for Criminal Law (University of St. Gallen, Law School).
1991-2019: Legal Advisor at the  Swiss
Supreme Court
2012: Keynote Reporter to the Congress
of the  Swiss Criminalists' Society
2016/17: Member of the Swiss Federal Board of Legal Experts reviewing the Law of Criminal Procedure.

  research/publications and academic  postgraduate seminars/conferences  focussed on Law of  Criminal Procedure  and  International Criminal Law, especially Cybercrime  and  Antiterrorist Law.